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I haven’t seen this particular cat in several months and he’s MISSED me judging from all the purring I received :D

Living in Copenhagen it is almost impossible to get by without a bike. Although I have managed just fine until now I finally bought one and now I feel like bragging a bit. I got this baby two days ago and I have really enjoyed biking in the warm weather!

Beautiful day, beautiful view!

I’m finally drawing, REALLY drawing again and not just those quick sketches which can be fun enough. I just don’t feel like drawing all that much in winter and this winter has been too long and too cold!

I felt a bit more alive when I started again and the piece I’m working on now is going to be a part of my exam project in art-class. I am really looking forward to see it finished (I never really know the end result when I’m letting go).

So sitting in the sunshine and drawing I feel that it almost can’t get any better :-D

This week has had it all… fun evenings with good friends, sunny afternoon with the family, school and all that entails and then there has been the more serious considerations…

I am getting married in less that five month’ and it is starting to take up a lot of my thoughts. All the decisions and arrangements there is to make.

At the same time I also have to decide whether or not I should commit to a seriously tough year in school. My parents think it might be a bad idea to go through with that plan especially since I am getting married and we of course will need time to get used to this big change and to get to know each other even better.

So I am feeling the pressure… Despite the great weather and my usual sunny disposition I feel uneasy.

Hello there! great tumblr you've got!
are based in CPH?

stray-thoughts stray-thoughts Said:

Thanks :)
Yeah I’m based in CPH. Am probably gonna be here for a few more years… 

This is something God put on my heart to share last year… I wrote it May 19, 2010 after spending three days trying to avoid writing it.

This is a story of how God answers prayer.

I hope this will inspire a deeper trust in God and a confidence that even though you don’t always see the results in prayer He will always be there… and sometimes the reason that we don’t see the answers to our prayers is that we’re looking in the wrong place while God is playing Santa and sneaking in behind our backs to lay down a present or two.

This is a story of God answering prayers and of me… finally looking in the right place. I got to see some of the wonders it is to be His daughter.

This started very slowly a few month back with my hunger for God growing. Naturally I started seeking Him and coming places where I could share fellowship and experiences with my family in Christ. One of the places was with my lifegroup from FIBC (First International Baptist Church) and another was a course (directly translated; growth-course) where some of the subjects they are teaching are prophetic words/hearing from God, healing through prayer and serving others with the love of Jesus foremost in mind.

The first time I came to this growth-course I got a very warm welcome and I felt very much at home. We had someone teaching on the subject “healing and care” and when the speaker had finished he asked us all to pray for words of healing for each other. There came a few words and then the speaker asked if anyone had problems that corresponded with the words. Then we prayed for healing for the people that had the need and as we were praying I felt a heat spread on my shoulders and back like someone was standing behind me with their hands on my shoulders. I knew that wasn’t so but I still had to turn and look. No one was there. When I turned back I saw figures of light standing behind everyone praying for someone. This is the word that came to me: “When you are praying for someone I am praying with you!”
So remember this: When you pray you never pray alone! You have someone backing you no matter how lonely it sometimes feel.

One thing I had prayed about for awhile was to be able to spread joy to the people I meet. Not just to make them laugh or to be comical or a clown but to be able to give genuine and lasting joy where ever I go. So this is what happens; at the end of this meeting God sends a girl over and she asks to speak to me. She tells me that she has a picture and that she hopes I won’t be offended. Curious as I am I ask what it is about and she asks me if I have ever seen Teletubbies. I have and she continues on to say that the moment I stepped through the door she saw the sun from the Teletubbies… now if any of you have ever seen the show and remember the sun this picture is kinda lame but it spoke to me that evening and it warmed my heart. She continued to tell me what she got from this picture and her impressions only confirmed my prayers in that she saw it as a picture of me being a warm and happy person that would inspire peace and joy.

In the same period of time I had trouble getting enough paid work and I started stressing a bit about it… bills to pay, food to buy and so on. I asked the lifegroup that I had just started attending to pray for my situation and the second week since I had started attending lifegroup - two days before the bills were due - I got an unexpected answer as I got home from our gathering. When I emptied the mailbox I had three envelopes waiting for me. One was a payment notice so no surprise there but the two others were from my current employer and from my former housing company. I wondered what it could be and I opened the first one where I saw that I would get around 900 DKK and I was happy. I remembered that my former housing company had withheld 1000 DKK for the annual heating-bill and I figured that was it. When I opened the envelope I took out a check with… 3000 DKK!!!! Praise God He is almighty! I had to give praise and I cried feeling very small and very grateful.
When I had finally dried my tears I checked my email. I have always said that God have humor… this after all the surprises that day and I wasn’t expecting more. I got around six emails from two former employees giving me approx 600 DKK more… It was Like God was telling me “relax! Don’t worry! I’ll take care of you so please trust me”

Wow!! isn’t He great?

Next time I went to the growth-course the subject in teaching was “we can all prophesy”. I won’t go into much of what was taught because I can’t remember clearly all that was said. I had been sick the weekend before with high fever and I hadn’t completely recovered all my strength. I will tell a little of the prophetic “exercise” we did in the end. We were lined up in two lines and asked to pray for a prophetic word for the person we were standing in front of and we had tree minutes. Then when we had prayed and hopefully received a word we had to move to the next person in the line and let them pray for a word. We did this so everyone got a word from two different people. I have for a long time been looking for approval and recognition for who I am and for what I can do from the people around me. This evening I got recognition from the best source of all… my Father sent a word to the first person to pray for me that said: “I see your acts of love towards others and I rejoice in them. I am always looking at you and I love you”

And now for the last part of this story…

Almost two weeks ago I went to talk to a student counselor to register for a school that starts in August. After the meeting was done I was told that I had to pay 2100 DKK within two weeks to get into the school. Wow… problem. That’s way more money that I can spare at any time… but I told her alright and she seemed surprised by my ready response. My thoughts on this was that if this really is what God wants me to do the next year (which I was convinced of) then He could also make sure that I got in one way or another. I can’t borrow money from the bank and my family aren’t rich so I don’t like asking for money from them.That left me with no other to turn to than my Father who knows all and can do anything. Again I asked the lifegroup, family and friends to support me through prayer.
Less than a week later answer came. My studies have been paid for and yet again I can say “my God is an awesome God”

I hope this message will give you courage in prayer and that sharing this will tell of the greatness of God. He is the source of all my joy and I look forward to a life walking with Him.

May God bless you!

Cocktail tree

Enjoying the sun while trying to work on my exam project… and feeling a tiny bit stuck